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MVM’s Swami Muktananda
High School

The MVM Educational Campus comprising of the English medium, Swami Muktananda High School, began its illustrious journey in 1970 and since then it has never looked back. This was only because of dedicated efforts of our teachers and staff members who have always inspired and supported the students. The Campus presently has around 2766 students on its roll.

The important factors that enable the Campus to gain such a high reputation is its infrastructure, well equipped laboratory, building, library, playground, IT Centers, A.V. Room and other educational aids facilities. Our students have achieved laurels in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Our school endeavours to achieve and sustain exemplary standards both in formal education and students discipline by providing quality education for all round development.

We are committed to build and maintain a culture of continual improvement in all the functioning of the institution to monitor the success. The S.S.C. results and various sporting and co-curricular activities are a testimony of the institution’s commitment to quality education.

MVM’s Bengare G. P.Suvarna
Primary School

MVM’s Bengare G. P. Suvarna Primary school was established in the year 1970 with the vision of delivering quality education. The Campus thrives to encourage the students to discover and strengthen their unique qualities thus helps us to create a refined personality and a good citizen. The Campus has earned a good reputation by providing excellent service in the field of education.

The school provides the best academic ambience and modem infrastructure. It comprises of trained, qualified and experienced teaching faculty. Our school isfully raptto nurture the young minds with different values and motivate them to do their best. The school aims to go beyond the classroom environment, by organizing a plethora of co-curricular activities spanning throughout the year and by giving them the opportunity to exhibit their hidden talents. Our teaching methodology extends beyond the textbooks and students are encouraged for project based learning and fun learning. Our students have brought many laurels by winning various interschool competitions.

They have proved their excellence in the scholarship exams too. At MVM we ensure that our students grow and study in a safe and healthy environment. Our campus is an exclusive place for every child to discover himself I herself. The school thus, sets the students on their thrilling journey towards education valiantly facing all the challenges of future.

Quality Objectives

1. To organize at least eighteen events so as to develop leadership qualities among the students.

2. To see that at least 140 students participate in interschool competitions.

3. To develop an innate aesthetic sense among the students through art and music activities by conducting at least 7 competitions.

4. To achieve 100% result in S.S.C/HSC Board Exam with at least 42°/o distinction and to ensure that at least 7 students get above 90%.

5. To impart training and orientation to at least 60 teachers so as to equip them with new developments in teaching-learning pedagogy.

6. To see that at least 60% of the students per section develop communication skills.

7. To develop ethical values and moral conduct by organizing at least 7 social awareness programmes.