Designed and built with care, filled with creative elements


A Pre-Primary school is your child's first learning experience away from you. Also, it provides a good foundation for them to build their years of success at school.
Keeping this in mind, we at MVM are redefining early child care education from the last X years. We make learning a fun, engaging, and playful experience. Most activities are built with learning concepts hidden within them. Your child will play, learn, and grow to assimilate life's basic skills through exploration and discovery.

At MVM Pre-Primary school, we offer state-of-the-art infrastructure that provides a perfect blend of style, aesthetics, reliability, child-friendliness, and functionality. Our design methodology provides a safe and hygienic environment with a sharp and colourful atmosphere for your child's growth and development. Our focus is on the child's holistic development, making it one of the country's best Pre-Primary schools.

We Focus On:

International standard curriculum

Providing an environment rich in possibilities that encourage exploration and problem solving skills.

Learning through sensory experiences.

Creating excitement and joy in learning process.