Our pupils follow an academic programme based on CBSE from Early Years to Year 14. The curriculum for the entire schooling program is rolled down from, what is expected of the students in Grades 9 and 10 by the CBSE Board. The built up of topics begins from Grade 1 with a focus of ensuring clarity in concepts and Exam Preparation. The Assessment patterns strictly follow CBSE Board.

The Language curriculum is based on the most important skills of LRWS i.e. Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The Math curriculum includes the application of concepts like Number Systems, Fractions and Percentages: Graphs and Data: Geometry which are connected to real life so as to ensure development of critical thinking. A scientific temper and a curious mind is what we expect to nurture in our students with the science curriculum. The focus of the curriculum is on skills such as collecting information, handling data, creating hypothesis and experimenting on them. The social science curriculum focuses on creating global perspectives based on our heritage and value systems which will help our students to grow up with international ideas and Indian values. The curriculum is intellectually rigorous and demanding that pupils not only attain high academic standards but also that students fully participate in and out of class activities through the, "Creativity Action Service” (CAS) aspect. In addition, students study the curriculum in the, “Theory of Knowledge” (TOK).

Through all these aspects pupils develop the knowledge of how to learn and positively challenge their perspectives of the world from a variety of differing view-points

“Education is not preparation for life but life itself”

Keeping the above quote in mind…. Our curriculum is designed to provide the best possible all round education to each of our students through our comprehensive program. We strive for each child to reach their full potential and as a school we are totally committed to equality of opportunity for all our pupils. The curriculum is student centric and encompasses these 4 areas:

SPAN : Including children to a wide range of knowledge, understanding, skills and knowledge based activities.

EQUILIBRIUM : Each area of the curriculum is allocated a proportion of time on each year group’s timetable according to the education Board guide lines.

RELEVANCE : Our curriculum is carefully planned to take in to account the needs of our students and to equip them to take a responsible place in the society.

DIFFERENTIATION : The activities planned cater for the differing needs and abilities of our students.