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Why MVM International School

MVM International School is noted for Academics, Socio-Economic, and Cultural Excellence in Mumbai. MVM has been running this educational campus for the last 100 years.

The Management is well-reputed and respected in the Western Suburbs and has ample years of experience in the educational field with many Quality Accreditations and Awards to its Credits.

We are offering a premium learning environment supported by the latest in Assistive Technologies and world-class teachers. Our IT environment is positioned to support a very high level of Academic Program delivery. Digital Boards are available in every classroom, used to make lessons more meaningful and to increase learning.

Our goal is to :

Enhance student's National Identity.

Include all Individuals. (Inclusive Education)

Create a safe and stimulating environment.

Develop all aspects of the students character.

Promote essential values such as character building, leadership, academic excellence and social skills.