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Principal’s Welcome

Dear Parents and Children,

It is with immense pride that I take over MVM International School as Principal. As they say, every step is a stepping stone and I would choose to take steps that lead us to the path of mutual support and cooperation.

Having been an educationist and administrator for over 27 years, I have explored various techniques of giving education a paradigm shift. I firmly believe that education is not just learning and spewing facts and figures – rather it is a constant process of evolution as one absorbs real time lessons. I am a hardcore perfectionist, so every effort counts when one desires the success of the institution.

I believe in team work and it is the triumvirate of you parents, students and my staff that together would put us on the map of repute.

MVM International School has an immensely vibrant cultural fabric where tradition blends harmoniously with modernity.

I look forward to your participation in our journey towards success.

As is it is rightly said,

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”

Lots of wishes

Mrs. Meeta Arora