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Extracurricular activities

The school organizes various competitions like elocution, storytelling, extempore, picture talk etc to enhance their speaking skills and boost their confidence. The school also provides good sports facilities managed by BRID academy. The academy conducts various sports and games such as football, basketball, volleyball etc.

Enrichment Activity

School conducts culmination program to enhance student communication, teamwork and problem solving skills. At MVM we believe in giving firsthand experience, thus arrange various in-house field trips.

Visual and Performing activity

The music room has a variety of musical instruments to learn western and Indian music. We also have talented dance teachers. The dancers are captivated, shaped, nurtured and released into the dance world by dance teachers. The school employs talented performing art teachers to develop aesthetic and creative skills in students.

Various Clubs

A series of club activities are conducted to promote and cultivate the talents of students. The various clubs such as literary club, Art and craft club, Dramatics and Induction of boys and girls in school band are conducted in school.

Counselor and Special Educator

We have a professional school counsellor, who assists students at all levels, from elementary school to secondary level. She acts as an advocate for student’s wellbeing and as valuable resources for their educational advancement. She helps to overcome their academic hindrances and plan goals and actions. She mediates conflicts between students and teachers.

Inclusive Education

Inclusion is the most perplexing question in the field of education all over the world. MVM is a regular school with an inclusive orientation which proved to be the most effective means of combating discriminatory attitudes, creating welcoming communities, building an inclusive society, and achieving education for all: moreover, we provide effective education to the majority of children and improve their efficiency. The school plays a crucial role in the development of cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, and moral functions and competencies in a child. All children participate to their maximum ability in the school. MVM is like a family which is charged with preparing the young to become successful adult workers, members of families, and citizens. This is a huge mission and accordingly, children spend a considerable amount of time in schools each year. School is equipped with a full-time counselor and special educator who handle differently able kids by using proper strategies for their development.