About Personal Counselling in MVM

M V Mandali’s Colleges of Commerce & Science has a qualified Personal Counsellor & we provide counselling to students at personal level for social and emotional stability of students.


MA in Clinical Psychology, IGNOU
BA in Psychology, MU
Certificate in Counselling and Certificate in Therapy

Availability of Counsellor:-

Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

How to avail the Counselling Facility:-

We follow the following procedure for Counselling:-

  1. The subject teacher/mentor identifies the students during interaction need of personal counselling or Student himself/herself can approach to the mentor for the benefit of personal counselling service.
  2. Mentor recommend the needy student to the counsellor and also inform Vice-Principal about it.
  3. Counsellor conduct the session with the
  4. student as per the requirement and provide feedback on the same to the mentor and vice-principal.
  5. Sensitive matters and information shared during the session are kept confidential.