Session on “How to Write Research Paper?”

Research Round Table a Research Cell of MVM Degree College organized, a session on the topic “How To Write Research Paper?” on Tuesday, 23rd January 2018. The session was conducted by Principal, Dr Gopal Kalkoti.

The objective of this session was to orient students and teachers on various technical aspects of research paper writing and developing a research culture in the institution.

17 faculty members along with more than 40 students attended the session.

RRT 2017-18


Research Cell of MVM Degree College organized a session on the topic “Nomophobia” on 23rd September 2017. This session was conducted by Dr Gopal Kalkoti. Nomophobia basically is a term coined to represent no mobile phone phobia which has become a scientifically recognized source of separation anxiety. The objectives were to study the prevalence of nomophobia among mobile phone users; to study cell phone dependence pattern among adults, and to study the health effects of mobile phone usage.