The mentoring programme is the programme initiated by the College with students who are looking for educational advice, career guidance and counselling in their academic and non-academic aspects. It’s a wonderful opportunity for the teachers to give guide students in the right direction of their career path.

Class In-Charges of the respective class is given the responsibility of mentoring to their students in different areas as per the need of their students.

Mentors draw on their real-world experience to give students advice about making the right choices in college, solving their educational as well as personal problems, getting ahead in their careers and developing their personal and social skills. They serve as confidence boosters as well as role models.

Mentors act as sounding boards for their students and provide practical feedback. They share ideas, communicate knowledge, identify useful resources and help clarify educational and professional goals.

Mentors often take a session with their students to understand their problems, giving possible alternative solutions, counselling them and guiding them in their career path etc. Mentors may also take their students to a special conference, a museum or a cultural event to introduce them to new experiences and broaden their horizons.