Welcome to MVM Educational Campus, M V Mandali’s Colleges of Commerce and Science.

M V Mandali’s Colleges of Commerce and Science which started its humble beginning in 2010 is known for our commitment to academic success, complemented by a comprehensive co-curricular program and a pursuit of service and compassion for the community. The courses we provide to students aim at the balanced development of the intellectual, emotional, physical, social and cultural elements of life. They, in fact, enable them to reach their potential both as a student and as a member of the community.

We at our College aim at, “Creating Quality and Delivering Excellence”. Students here acquire skills that allow them to lead productive and responsible lives.

M V Mandali’s Colleges of Commerce and Science has a commitment to excellence in a caring, cooperative and all-encompassing environment. As a community, we share the common values of respect, responsibility, resilience, honesty and inclusion.

Each one on our MVM Educational Campus believes that we are all responsible for the academic, social, emotional and physical well-being and development of the students in our care. We consider that the partnership between home and college is crucial and we do all we can to ensure the strength of this partnership.

We leave no stone unturned to ensure the educational experience of our students meaningful and relevant to the socio-economic needs of the times and to equip our youth to face the challenges of the future for leading the society from the front.

I therefore we decided to go for NAAC accreditation. With the support encouragement and guidance from the management and hard work of Coordinators, Faculty, Administration Staff, Students, Alumni and other stakeholders we went for NAAC Accreditation.
Now we have been accredited by NAAC Bangalore for five years from March 2019 to March 2024. We are all very proud of this achievement.

I am very confident that with the generous unstinting help of our top management, with a team of committed and highly motivated teaching and non-teaching staff, with parents who are ever cooperative we will continue to uphold the ethos of MVM Educational Campus and further strive to achieve better results in the years ahead.

I look forward to working with you all and making your association with MVM Educational Campus a fulfilling, productive and rewarding experience.

Dr Gopal Kalkoti