Indoor Sports Activities:-

Gymkhana Gymkhana

Gymkhana Area for Indoor sport activities with area 784.30 Sq.Ft..

Badminton Court Badminton Court

Badminton Play area on first floor with area 2607.24Sq.Ft.

Outdoor Sports Activities:-

Playground Recreation ground

The College has Playground with area 17,555.90 Sq.Ft. and Recreation ground with area 13,553.90 Sq.Ft.

Cultural Activities:-

Auditorium AuditoriumAuditoriumAuditorium

The College has a large full air-conditioned Smt. Shalini G. Shankar Convention Center having a seating capacity of 600 (Area 6967.75 Sq.Ft.) and Convention Center-Mini having capacity of 200 persons is situated on the Second floor(Area 2346.12 Sq.Ft.).


Canteen Canteen 1

The College Canteen has area 1348.84 Sq.Ft.