Designation: PRINCIPAL

Research Papers Published:-

  1. Status of Rural Migration- Need for Development Initiatives, Kurukshetra- A journal on rural development, Sept 2014, ISSN: 0021-5660
  2. Family Farming: Role of Credit, The Indian Banker, Dec 2014, ISSN 2349-7483
  3. Making India Free from Importing Edible Oils: Need for Implementing Strategic Action Plan, Pacific Update, Mar 2015, ISSN: 2348-828X
  4. Crop Insurance Schemes for Farmers Need for focused attention, Kurukshetra- A journal on rural development, Aug 2015, ISSN: 0021-5660
  5. Financial Inclusion-Need For Focused Attention, Scholarly Research Journal, Dec 2015, ISSN: 2319-4766
  6. Raising Pulses Output and Arresting Price-Rise, Pacific Update, Jan 2016, ISSN: 2348-828X
  7. Information & Communication Technology: Income Avenues to Rural Farmers, Kurukshetra- A journal on rural development, Feb 2016, ISSN: 0021-5660
  8. Value Chain Finance-Initiatives in INDIA, Scholarly Research Journal, July-Sept 2015, Online ISSN: 2278-8808, Printed ISSN: 2319-4766
  9. Attaining Self-sufficiency in Edible Olis: Need for Strategic Action Plan, FIIB (Fortune Institute of International Business) Business Review, Oct-Dec 2015, Online ISSN: 2455-2658, Printed ISSN: 2319-7145
  10. Teachers – The Real Role Models, Quality Enhancement of Teaching and Learning Processes in Higher Education – Khandwala Publishing House, 2017, ISBN:978-81-924836-6-5

Conference Proceedings:-


Books Published:-


  1. Business Economics BCom-III Sem-V P-III 2013-CC
  2. Business Economics-TY-Com-Sem-VI-2013
  3. Business Economics-SY-BCom-Sem-IV-2013
  4. Business Economics-I Bcom Sem-I 2013-CC


  1. Business Economics-III SY BCom Sem-III-2014-CC
  2. Business Economics-V TY BCom Sem-V-2014-CC
  3. Economic of Global Trade & Finance MCom Sem-II-CC
  4. Economics of Global Trade & Finance MCom Sem-I P-I-2014-CC
  5. Economics of Global Trade and Finance MCom-I Sem-II-2014-CC
  6. Research Methodology in Commerce MCom-II Sem-III-2014-CC
  7. Research Methodology in Commerce MCom-II Sem-IV-Kalkoti-2014-CC
  8. Business Economics FY Bcom Sem-II P-II-2014-CC
  9. Business Economics SY BCom Sem-IV P-IV-2014-CC
  10. Business Economics TY BCom Sem-VI P-III-2014-CC
  11. Business Economics-I FY BCom Sem-I-2014-CC


  1. Business Economics FY BCom Sem-I P-I Final-2015-CC
  2. Business Economics SY BCom Sem-III P-III Final-2015-CC
  3. Business Economics TY BCom Sem-V Final-2015-CC
  4. Business Economics-FY-BCom-Sem-II-P-II-Rajalakshmy-Final-2015-CC
  5. Business Economics-SY-BCom-Sem-IV P-IV-Rajalakshmy-Final-2015-CC
  6. Business Economics-TY BCom Sem-VI P-III-Rajalakshmy-Final-2015-CC
  7. Economics of Global Trade and Finance-MCom Sem-I-Kalkoti-Final-2015-CC
  8. Indian Economy-TY BCAF Sem-VI-Kalkoti-Final-2015-CC


  1. Business Economics-I-BMS BBI BFM P-I Sem-I-Kalkoti-Final-2016-Digital
  2. Business Economics-I-FY BCom Sem-I P-I-Kalkoti-Final-2016
  3. Business Economics-II-F BCom Sem-II-Rajalashmy-Final-2016
  4. Business Economics-III-SY BCom-Sem-III P-III-Kalkoti-Final-2016
  5. Business Economics-SY BCom Sem-IV-Rajalakshmy-Final-2016
  6. Business Economics-TY Bcom SemVI P-III-Rajalakshmy-Final-2016
  7. Business Economics-TY Bcom Sem-V-Kalkoti-Final-2016-Digital
  8. Economics for Business Decisions-MCom Sem-I-Kalkoti-Final-2016
  9. Economics of Glbal Trade & Finance-MCom-I Sem-II-Rajalashmy-Final-2016
  10. Macro Economics Concepts & Applications-MCom Sem-II-Rajalakshmy-Final-2016
  11. Research Methodology for Business-M Com Sem-II-Kalkoti-Final-2016


  1. Business Economics-SY BCom Sem-IV-Rajalakshmy-2017-Specimen
  2. Business Economics-SY BCom-Sem-III-Kalkoti-Final-2017
  3. Business Economics-TY BCom-Sem-V-Kalkoti-Final-2017
  4. Economics for Business Decisions-MCom Sem-I-Kalkoti-2017
  5. SYBMS-BCAF-BBI-BFM-BusinessEconomics-Sem-IV-Kalkoti
  6. Business Economics -TY BCom Sem-VI-Kalkoti-2017
  7. Business Economics-I-BCom-BMS-BAF-BFM-Sem-I-Kalkoti-Final-2017-CC
  8. Business Economics-I-FY BCom Sem-I P-I-Kalkoti-Final-2017
  9. Business Economics-II-F BCom Sem-II-Rajalashmy-2017-Specimen
  10. Business Economics-II-SY BCAF Sem-III-Kalkoti-Final-2017
Vice Principal, BAF & BCOM - COORDINATOR

Designation: Vice-Principal, BAF & BCOM Coordinator

Qualification: M.Com, UGC NET

Conference Proceedings:-

  1. Quality improvement in higher education in India for sustainable development, National Conference organised by J.R. Salvi College, Sept 2013, ISBN: 978-93-81-578-99-5
  2. Rights of Domestics Helpers: A case study on women domestic helpers in Powai area, International Conference by K. B. College of Arts, & Commerce for Women, Oct 2013, ISBN: 978-93-5142-130-6
  3. “Women in India are still not safe” (A study on safety of women in public places in Mumbai), International Conference organized by K. C. Law College, Oct 2014, ISBN: 978-93-83072-58-3
  4. Black Money: Issues, Concern and Challenges for Indian Economy, International Conference organized by Chandrabhan Sharma College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Dec 2014, ISBN: 978-93-83072-65-1
  5. Is Youth of India Ready for Sex Education? A Study on Opinions Towards Sex Education Among Adolescent Students, Their Parents & Teachers in Mumbai City, International Conference organized by Thakur College of Science and Commerce, Dec 2014, ISBN: 978-93-83072-64-4
  6. A Study of Human Relationship Management at Workplace (With Special Reference to Higher Educational Institute), Ramanand Arya D.A.V. College- One day international conference, Mar 2015, ISSN 2319-7935
  7. A Study on Success Stories in SME-with special reference to women entrepreneur in India, MVM Degree College of Commerce & Science – 3rd International Interdisciplinary Conference, Jan 2017, ISBN: 978-93-5249-076-9
  8. A Study on the Factors that Affect Students’ Decision in Choosing their College Course (with Special Reference to BAF Course in Andheri Area of Mumbai Region), MVM Degree College of Commerce & Science – 4th International Interdisciplinary Conference, Feb 2018, ISSN-2279-0489
  9. A Study on Government Measures for Women Empowerment (with reference to women domestic workers in India), International Multi-Disciplinary Conference by Chandrabhan Sharma College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Apr 2018, ISSN: 2278-8808

Research Paper Published in Journals:

  1. A Study on the Factors that affect Students’ Decision in Choosing their College Course (with Special Reference to BAF course in Andheri Area of Mumbai Region), GENIUS-AJANTA PRAKASHAN, Feb-July 2018, ISSN: 2279-0489
  2. A Study on Socio Economic Status of Women Domestic Workers in Powai Area of Mumbai City, IDEAL-AJANTA PRAKASHAN, Mar-Aug 2018, ISSN:2319-359X

Books Published:-

  1. Principles of Management (FYBFM Sem 2), Sheth Publishers Private Ltd., 2015-16, ISBN: 978-93-5149-419-5
  2. Financial Accounting (Elements of Financial Accounting-I) (FYBCAF Sem 1), Sheth Publication, 2016, ISBN: 987-93-83105-31-1
  3. Service Marketing (TYBMS Sem V), Himalaya Publishing House, 2016, ISBN: 978-93-5262-252-8
  4. Auditing-III (SYBCAF Sem 4), Sheth Publishers Private Ltd., 2017-18, ISBN: 978-93-86805-43-0


Designation: Assistant Professor- BCOM, BMS, BAF

Qualification: M.Com, UGC NET, CFA(Level 1), CS(Inter)

Designation: Assistant Professor- BMS

Qualification: Masters in Management Studies, Bachelor of Commerce

Department:- BCOM, BAF and BMS

Designation: Assistant Professor- BMS

Qualification: SET, MCom