The student admitted to the college is expected to fulfil the minimum attendance requirement and the terms of the student need to be granted by the principal of the college before the student can appear for the final examination.

To keep a term at the college the student must meet the expectations of the principal and the course of study prescribed for the class to which the student is admitted for the academic year.

Illness or other serious circumstances may be considered valid to absence from lectures, tutorials, tests etc. These reasons cannot condone a student for poor academic performance or absence from various examinations. Accordingly, students with poor academic performance may not be granted terms and would then have to repeat the course of studies in the next year.

The student who has not began granted terms will not be permitted to appear at the internal/ Term/ Semester/ Annual Examination, conducted by the college or H.S.C. Board.

The terms of the student will not be granted unless a student satisfies all the following conditions:

  1. A Student should possess at least 80% of attendance practical, tutorials in each subject in each term of the academic year.
  2. The student should possess at least 75% of attendance, practical, tutorials in each subject in each term of the academic year.
  3. The student should secure minimum marks for passing in each and every subject as prescribed in the passing standard applicable in the rules and regulations of the HSC board.

Academic Terms for the year 2019 – 20

The terms of the college are in accordance with the instruction of dry director of education. The scheduled dates for the first term and second term are as follow:

  • First Term – 06th June 2019 to 24th October 2019 (Both days inclusive)
  • There will be a break for Mid-Term from 2nd September to 7th September (Both days inclusive)
  • Diwali Vacation – 25th October 2019 to 14th November 2019(Both days inclusive)
  • Second Term – 15th  November  2019 to 2nd May 2020 (Both days inclusive)
  • There will be a break for winter from 26th December 2019 to 1st January 2020 (Both days inclusive)
  • Summer vacation from 3rd May to 7th June 2020(Both days inclusive)