MESA (MVM Ex-Student Association)

The progress of an institute can not only be defined by how successful their students are but also how their presence has influenced and touched other people lives and made a difference". Thus promoting this ideology the MESA was constituted, so that experiences could be shared, stories of struggles could be talked about, people laurels could be rewarded and others would not step into the outside world without knowing a thing about it!

Vision for MESA

The aim is to strengthen the bonds between the Alma mater and the alumnus! Its aim is to give a platform for everyone to reach out to their juniors and guide them into a better tomorrow!

Aim and Objectives

  • To undertake projects that will enable MVM Educational Campus to function more effectively and to keep abreast of the times. To respond in a special way to the needs of the MVM Educational Institution.
  • To share career information with current batches of students and alumni.
  • To network and support each other in upholding social, cultural, ethical values in one’s field of work.
  • To promote social service and volunteer work.
  • To organize workshops, seminars and interactive sessions to realize its goals.
  • To maintain a database/directory of ex-students of MVM Educational Campus.
  • To hold an Annual General Body Meeting of MESA
  • To present the Annual Report, Statement of Accounts, to hold elections to form the Managing Committee.
  • To reach out in caring and emotional support to alumnae who are in crisis and make them aware that spiritual, moral, intellectual and social support is available.

MESA MEET 2018-19

M.V.M College of Commerce continues to be a stellar part of its students future and success, even after they complete their graduation, which was depicted when M.V.M Degree College organized its Ex-students Meet on 29th September 2018. The event was graced by our Chairman Mr Vikas Puthran, our Principal Dr Gopal Kalkoti, Vice-Principal Ms Seema Rawat, Cultural Head Ms Sonali Prajapati, BMS Co-ordinator Ms Anita Chaudhary and IT Co-ordinator Mr Divyesh Nagarecha.

MESA MEET 2016-17

MVM Degree College inaugurated its 1st Alumni Association Meet named MESA (MVM’s Ex-Students Association) on 25th June 2016.
Click here to view report on Alumni Meet 2016-17


Our Alumni has always contributed towards growth and development of the college. Throughout the year Alumni were engaged in various activities to support their college activities.